Where I walked

I pretty much ended up walking the route I planned apart from where I got lost or where there was no handy accommodation anywhere near the original route. Here’s the map of the whole trek with the original route for comparison: Map of route walked.

DayGoogle MapMapMyWalk DataBlog EntryMilesElevation (ft)
1John o’ Groats to Sinclair’s BayPt 17th May 202220.7966.2
2Sinclair’s Bay to WhaligoePt 18th May 202219.41401.9
3Whaligoe to DunbeathPt 1, Pt 29th May 202218.11445.8
4Dunbeath to HelmsdalePt 110th May 202218.52935.7
5Helmsdale to BroraPt 111th May 202212.9539
6Brora to EmboPt 112th May 202221.4679.1
7Embo to BalnaguisichPt 113th May 202225.91290
8Balnaguisich to InvernessPt 1, Pt 214th May 202233.21817.3
9Rest day15th May 20220
10Inverness to DrumnadrochitPt 116th May 202222.11805.8
11Drumnadrochit to Fort AugustusPt 1, Pt 217th May 2022254369.4
12Fort Augustus to GairlochyPt 118th May 202224.51125.7
13Gairlochy to Fort William (Glen Nevis campsite)Pt 1, Pt 219th May 202216466.2
14Rest day20th May 20220
15Glen Nevis campsite to KinlochlevenPt 121st May 202215.91786.4
16Kinlochleven to Bridge of OrchyPt 122nd May 202223.43394.4
17Bridge of Orchy to InverarnanPt 123rd May 202220.21422.6
18Inverarnan to CashelPt 124th May 202220.21767.7
19Cashel to BearsdenPt 1, Pt 225th May 202225.32274.3
20Bearsden to UddingstonPt 1, Pt 226th May 202227.8916.1
21Uddingston to New LanarkPt 127th May 202227.71382.5
22New Lanark to AbingtonPt 128th May 202216.91346.1
23Abington to MoffatPt 129th May 202220.81151.2
24Rest day30th May 20220
25Moffat to LochmabenPt 131st May 202221.91017.7
26Lochmaben to AnnanPt 1, Pt 21st June 202221.91395.3
27Annan to Metal BridgePt 12nd June 202215.4299.9
28Metal Bridge to CaldbeckPt 1, Pt 23rd June 202224.6959.3
29Caldbeck to KeswickPt 14th June 202222.12451.1
30Keswick to Great LangdalePt 1, Pt 25th June 202219.22507.2
31Great Langdale to AmblesidePt 16th June 202212.1671.9
32Ambleside to KendalPt 17th June 202218.31272.6
33Kendal to Bolton-le-sandsPt 18th June 202226733.3
34Bolton-le-sands to GarstangPt 19th June 202218.5481.3
35Garstang to Ashton-on-ribblePt 110th June 202221.3264.1
36Ashton-on-ribble to CulchethPt 1, Pt 2, Pt 311th June 202233.7911.1
37Culcheth to DelamerePt 112th June 202229.3938.3
38Delamere to Bickerton HillPt 113th June 202223.42011.5
39Bickerton Hill to WhitchurchPt 1, Pt 214th June 202212.3391.1
40Whitchurch to HaltonPt 115th June 202223.91021.3
41Halton to Porth-y-waenPt 116th June 202218.82108.9
42Porth-y-waen to ButtingtonPt 117th June 202215.2532.5
43Buttington to PanpuntonPt 118th June 202228.94918.3
44Panpunton to KingtonPt 119th June 202217.52592.5
45Kington to Hay-On-WyePt 120th June 202218.71996.1
46Hay-On-Wye to PandyPt 121st June 202220.32584.6
47Pandy to MonmouthPt 122nd June 202217.81305.4
48Monmouth to ChepstowPt 123rd June 202224.73493.4
49Chepstow to BristolPt 124th June 202217.1825.1
50Bristol to West HarptreePt 1, Pt 225th June 202217.11388.8
51West Harptree to StawellPt 126th June 202224.71192.6
52Stawell to West BagboroughPt 127th June 202218.51313
53West Bagborough to MineheadPt 1, Pt 228th June 202223.52268.3
54Minehead to West LynPt 1, Pt 229th June 202225.64005.9
55West Lyn to IlfracombePt 130th June 202221.33374.7
56Ilfracombe to BrauntonPt 1, Pt 21st July 202225.71657.7
57Braunton to YellandPt 12nd July 202213277.2
58Yelland to Clovelly CrossPt 1, Pt 23rd July 202227.32274.2
59Clovelly Cross to MeadPt 1, Pt 24th July 2022202220.8
60Mead to Widemouth BayPt 1, Pt 25th July 202217.32318.8
61Widemouth Bay to Trethevy via BoscastlePt 1, Pt 26th July 202217.52431.4
62Trethevy to Polzeath via Trebarwith BeachPt 1, Pt 27th July 202224.12792.3
63Polzeath to PadstowPt 18th July 202216.3925.5
64Padstow to Bedruthan StepsPt 1, Pt 29th July 202220.91579.7
65Bedruthan Steps to HolywellPt 1, Pt 210th July 202218.51329.7
66Holywell to CoombePt 111th July 202223.52502
67Coombe to St IvesPt 112th July 202220.41196.9
68St Ives to Pendeen WatchPt 113th July 202216.81845.8
69Pendeen Watch to Land’s EndPt 114th July 202211.9

Where I thought I was going to walk

Where possible I have tried to use established national trails, mainly to avoid walking on busy roads and with the hope there are regular waymarkers so I can avoid having to look at a map every 5 minutes. As a second-best, I have used trails that someone has already provided directions for. The LDWA was a useful source of information, as was The Walking Englishman. Where I couldn’t find a trail (sections 6, 8, 10, 9c, & 15) I ‘borrowed’ route data from Adam Dawson who did the LeJog in 2014. The Garmin links give some indication of the elevation involved. I was surprised by Offa’s Dyke!

Whole route by section
Whole route as single section